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Why rent Stockholm real estate?

Stockholm, the Swedish capital, is not only the largest Scandinavian city but also the most exciting. It’s the city that stands at the junction of times – the ancient traditions interlace with modernity. Its centuries-old alleys and squares are scattered across the archipelago of the fourteen islands on which the city was built. A smart combination of modern business centers and office space in the city’s ancient architecture is what precisely attracts many tenants. Though the cost of living in Sweden is high, the rent prices are lower than in the UK and Europe, so it is easy to find real estate in a good area of Stockholm at a reasonably affordable price.

The economic and cultural center of Sweden

The Swedish capital is a significant economic and cultural center of the country,  where the state authorities are located: the main residence of the Swedish king and the government.  The Swedish economy is characterized by a high degree of concentration of production and capital. Sweden’s share in world trade exceeds 2%. The monopolization of the economy is very high in Sweden.  The main feature is the concentration of considerable capital in the hands of individual families. About 85% of all Swedish companies are privately owned. Therefore, the space of Swedish offices has very high demand, and the lease and purchase of real estate are becoming more affordable and attractive for anyone wishing today.

Demand for rental properties in Stockholm

Stockholm is a significant financial center, where the headquarters and offices of the largest Scandinavian banks, namely Swedbank, Handelsbanken. There are also offices of the famous insurance companies Skandia and Trygg-Hansa, H & M. The well-known Stockholm Stock Exchange (Stockholmsbörsen) is the business card of the Swedish capital. In general, in Stockholm, more than 45% of all Swedish companies have their headquarters and office space. In fact, the world-famous companies IBM, Ericsson and a significant IT-center with a lot of offices are situated in Stockholm.  

Not only for these but many other companies, Stockholm has opened its doors, creating an excellent platform for doing business. Despite this, the demand for rental property in Stockholm remains high and even continues to grow, what is mainly due to the appearance on the Stockholm labor market many new jobs created in the office sector.

The features of coworking space in Stockholm

Not surprisingly, the Swedish capital is often among the top five cities for living and doing business. The advanced Stockholm market quickly became one of the most favorable for the expansion of office coworking space of a new formatand over the past five years only strengthened its positions in the world arena. To date, more than 21% of the total office space belongs to operators of coworking centers. Coworking has become an essential part of Stockholm’s rental market. In fact at the current moment in the hands of coworking centers’ renters is a considerable area of office spaces. That is about 4% of the total office space of the city. There are offices of companies offering business services such as business consulting, financial services firms, law firms. Coworking spaces determine the favorable dynamics of the office sector indicators, especially in Stockholm.