The Necessity and Main Advantages of Commercial Rent in Georgia

Non-residential real estate is in high demand in Georgia, USA. Intensive development of commercial and industrial sectors creates a significant need for rental real estate. However, there is often a lack of required space.

This problem applies to almost all commercial real estate. Professional services are needed to speed up the process of finding target premises, offering clients real estate at bargain prices and taking into account all current requirements.

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More about commercial lease, GA

Georgia is a developed state in the southern United States. According to, the largest commercial real estate portal, 640,000 square feet of commercial real estate was occupied in the capital city in the first quarter of 2015.


The average rent in GA of non-residential space in major cities is $18.75. Maximum can be as high as $27.62. Many factors influence the price of rents.

Reasons for fluctuating rental prices Property characteristics
Site location Premises in city centers and near major interchanges will cost more
Area Even a modest-sized property will be priced advantageously
Availability of required office equipment and accessories Any office space has all the amenities required for work

If you want to choose the best real estate for your office, you need to carefully study the features of virtual office space in GA. This will help you decide on the right option more quickly.

Current commercial rent law: rules and regulations

The Georgia Commercial Lease Act establishes the rights and responsibilities of parties entering into any real estate lease. This legal act includes the rights of tenants in Georgia, as well as the rights and requirements for landlords of commercial real estate.

First and foremost, the tenant must pay the rent on time. Otherwise, the landlord has the right to demand that the space be vacated.

The user of commercial real estate should immediately obtain official tenant status. Otherwise, the owner may reserve the right to alienate the premises and change the locks on it without any warning. The landlord laws in GA states that the first rent payment will be considered a registration fee. The customer should definitely ask whether it is possible to get a refund of this amount in case the application for services is rejected.

The obligations and rights of the parties are specified in the lease agreement, which is considered the main document confirming the fact of the deal. The agreement necessarily includes information about the rental period, the conditions for renewing the agreement, the terms of payment, as well as the obligation to repair the premises provided. The tenant should read the lease agreement before signing it. In addition, he should definitely get one of the copies of this document.

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Reasons for renting in Georgia this year

Rents in Georgia are going up significantly, as they are in most other regions of the United States. The increase in office rents is one of the natural fluctuations of the market. As a rule, it does not contradict Georgia rent increase laws. But in some cases, rates for space increase 2-3 times or more in a very short period of time.

There are several main reasons for the increase in rental prices in GA:

  • high demand for real estate;
  • intense commercial activity;
  • perfect quality of properties;
  • abuse by some owners.

A tenant may need the advice of a real estate market expert to identify unreasonably overpriced offers.

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Features of commercial property in Georgia

Non-residential properties offered for rent in Georgia are divided into the following basic types:

  • office;
  • retail;
  • storage;
  • for industrial needs.

All of these varieties of buildings and premises have unique features and a corresponding price. The website commercialproperties24 will give tenants an overview of the best offers in the state of Georgia, as well as the pros and cons of each option. The consumer has a huge selection of offers at an affordable cost.