The Necessity and Main Advantages of Commercial Rent in Georgia

Non-residential real estate is in high demand in Georgia, USA. Intensive development of commercial and industrial sectors creates a significant need for rental real estate. However, there is often a lack of required space. This problem applies to almost all commercial real estate. Professional services are needed to speed up the process of finding target […]

Is commercial rent profitable in Denver, CO
Is Commercial Rent Profitable in Denver, CO

Denver is one of the most attractive cities for commercial real estate investment and transactions. Last year, the local market saw more than 2 million feet of office space come on the market. Nearly 2,000,000 more feet of office space opened up in the Denver suburbs and surrounding areas. At the same time, there is […]

Features of commercial rent in Colorado
Features of Commercial Rent in Colorado

Experienced business people know that entering into a commercial lease agreement in Colorado is a big commitment with its specifics. In addition, given that office leases are usually for the long term, an unfavorable lease can cause serious trouble for a business. A thoughtful tenant of commercial real estate will thoroughly study the proposed lease […]