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Bright carnivals, beautiful hotels, magnificent beaches, the colossal statue of Jesus Christ, football, and good-natured inhabitants – these things people usually associate with Rio de Janeiro. The level of business activity is high here too, and respectively, a wide range of commercial real estate for rent. Business centers, shopping complexes, financial institutions, banks, and other structures are an integral part of a multi-million city. The Downtown – the business district of the metropolis has collected offices of the top companies in one place. Modern skyscrapers and old buildings in the colonial style of this area offer commercial spaces for rent. Full of people on weekdays and noticeably empty on weekends, this area of Rio attracts by perfect business centers with the views of the Bay of Guanabara and the Atlantic Ocean.

Fast growing and developing city

Rio is the metropolis with a fast growing economy and plenty of business opportunities. The main branches of the city economy are light and heavy industry, manufacturing and informational services, finance, and trade. Rio de Janeiro is a producer of petroleum products, ships, pharmaceuticals, furniture, textiles, food, and much more. Due to the discovery in recent years of oil fields near the shores the economy continues to develop, Rio de Janeiro has magnetized entrepreneurs from all over the world.


Having arrived at Rio de Janeiro, everybody feels very comfortable. Mainly it’s due to the well-planned transport system. First of all, as in every metropolis, there are plenty of city buses and taxis, which will take you to any point of the city. Secondly, the city of Rio has the most extended length of railways in Brazil. Trains are used both for long journeys and for urban transport. The network of highways is becoming more and more developed too, especially after handing some roads to private enterprises. A significant factor for doing business in this region is an opportunity to use the international airport, two local airports and the third by volume of cargo port, which makes international trade and freight transportations very convenient. Moreover, the city boasts first-class commercial spaces for rent, so a great number of local and international companies set their business here. Restaurants, cafes, parks for recreation, stadiums and fitness centers, entertainment facilities – it has everything necessary for life and business.

Office and coworking spaces in Rio

Rio de Janeiro offers a large selection of office space for rent. It is easy to find premises of any size and quality for a long or short term. many entrepreneurs prefer workspaces in business centers due to their great comfort and flexibility.
If you are a new entrepreneur or a self-employed specialist, renting a desk at a coworking space might be a great and cost-effective solution for you.
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