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The attractiveness of commercial real estate in Phoenix

As one of the fastest increasing states, Arizona has created favorable conditions for developing of real estate, especially Phoenix commercial real estate.

Phoenix is the capital of Arizona and the largest city in the state with a population of more than one and a half million people.  Founded in 1881 Phoenix has been a significant economic, cultural, political, and transportation center since its inception, attracting a lot of people from all over the world. So Phoenix commercial real estate has always attracted tenants, even in spite of the rent increase and decrease.

Phoenix economy

Agriculture, production, and tourism are significant in the development of the Phoenix economy. New jobs were created at the same time as the city’s population grew.  Phoenix commercial properties become in demand more and more for the representatives of such industries as the production of agricultural chemicals, electronic equipment, aircraft parts, air conditioning equipment, leather goods and crafts for indigenous people in America. More than half of the able-bodied population of Phoenix is ​​employed in the banking and insurance sectors of financial business as well as in the service sector.

Phoenix hosted the headquarters of Fortune 500 companies such as Avnet (electronics), Intel, Freeport-McMoRan (mining), Petsmart (animal products), Republic Services, Best Western, the Apollo Group; here is the leading information processing center of the American Express payment system.

Phoenix location between cities like El Paso, Texas, and Los Angeles, California make it ​​a major transport hub of the region.


The premium Phoenix commercial properties

Choosing the right office space, its size, surrounding infrastructure, and location are significant for a successful business. Phoenix commercial properties are and always have been in high demand among tenants of different spheres.

Since 2009, demand for commercial real estate in Phoenix has increased, which contributes to the growth of construction rates, so the commercial premises proposal here is growing. The center of Phoenix business life is Downtown, where the offices of many modern companies, as well as renowned educational institutions, are located. Phoenix Downtown magnetizes visitors and tenants by its location: 5 km from the Phoenix International Airport, close to the warehouse district, easily accessible from all corners of the city and equipped with the main infrastructure facilities.


A wide range of Phoenix commercial premises

A wide range of different commercial properties of any size and in the best locations is in Phoenix. We can help you to find the premium coworking, private office or warehouse. Such specific Phoenix commercial properties as flex office spaces, retail properties, garden offices or office condominiums are also very popular among the tenants.

At the moment, commercial real estate in Arizona and of course in its capital is in high demand, which can provoke a rise in prices for it, especially in the center of the metropolis. But the premium properties can be found in the other city districts and meet the needs of the most demanding tenants for a less lease.