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Calgary is the third largest city in Canada. Its population is about 1 million people. Nowadays, Calgary is a beautiful modern metropolis with the highest skyscrapers, marvelous green parks and cozy public  areas. Besides, it is recognized as one of the cleanest on the planet. Excellent business environment, well-developed infrastructure, and inspiring landscapes make Calgary one of the most popular and attractive cities in North America. There are many  opportunities for commercial real estate rent. Business tenants can find a considerable number of comfortable new offices for rent in Calgary. Also, the city is famous for its vibrant cultural life and unique attractions. The most famous landmark is the 91-meter Calgary tower, which is so well thought designed that even with powerful wind gusts, it stands still. Calgary is sometimes called “Texas in Canada,” the city of genuine Indians and cowboys.


Business climate in Calgary

Calgary is still known as a gateway to Canada business life with a solid economic foundation. Today, it is a significant financial and industrial center, where the headquarters of powerful oil companies are concentrated. There are more than four thousand companies of oil and gas, both national and foreign, and investments in this field of the economy are the most profitable. That’s why Calgary is considered the oil capital of Canada.

In general, the city is an  important business hub with a wide variety of commercial properties for rent. We have comprehensive listings of offices, warehouses, retail spaces, parking lots, conference halls and other commercial properties for rent updated daily on our website. Check the latest offers now!

Interestingly, Calgary is the first city in Canada in terms of economic growth, the second – by the number of main offices of companies, and the third – by the number of immigrants (20% of the total population).


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The market of commercial real estate in Calgary has been expanding over the last few years. Nowadays the number of office spaces, without a doubt, the  most popular category leased in Calgary, is also increasing, and business tenants can enjoy moderate rental rates. Flexible offices in business centers or executive suites have become a popular choice in recent years, as they outperform traditional ones in  many different aspects, and offer such facilities as parking, canteens, shared meeting rooms, etc. Check our listings now and choose exactly what you need easily!