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Abu Dhabi is an ambitious city with an approximate population of 1.8 million. The whole year round, it welcomes people with its bright sun and scenic beaches. This city is a great example of a modern metropolis with high living standards. The endless oil stock provided a possibility for the development of a perfect infrastructure, which makes it rather attractive for tourists and entrepreneurs. The main city of the Emirates creates a comfortable environment for effective business operations. It is the commercial and political hub. This urban area makes a significant input into the economy of the United Arab Emirates.

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Top locations

The commercial rental rates in Abu Dhabi are high. Overall, it is the 50th most expensive city in the world. The following districts are the most attractive for investments into the commercial and residential property.  

The Downtown is the heart of the city with a high concentration of important infrastructural objects. Luxury apartments, impressive malls, upscale restaurants, and bars are gathered at a single location. All the best facilities are here for your convenience.

Al Raha is located in close proximity to the numerous beaches that are continuously being improved by the city authorities. It will take you approximately 25 minutes to get from here to the city center and 10 minutes to the international airport. This family-type borough opens great possibilities for your business.


Abu Dhabi airport is located at a distance of 32 km from the city, with 4 terminals available. A superior security level is provided by means of the technology that identifies the personality with 100% accuracy. It offers all required top-level facilities, including a five-star hotel with the golf course.

You should not worry about getting around while selecting Abu Dhabi commercial spaces for lease. This city has the best infrastructure in the world. The investments aimed to improve the transport system, traffic management, etc., equal to 158 million USD. Currently, it is adequate for the citizens` needs. The application of high technologies has resulted in a decrease in the level of traffic jams by 14% during the last 10 years. You will not waste your time when going on business from one part of the city to another.  

Great opportunities for business

Abu Dhabi is the city with endless opportunities. This urban area has a sustainable economy based on oil and gas. However, since the year 2009, the city has been developing its tourism sector and has already made a major progress in attracting wealthy tourists. It is a great pleasure to set up business in Abu Dhabi as the government provides a transparent scheme for opening a business and has established a friendly tax environment. This means that there is no taxation for startups, and it definitely will be of great benefit if you are a new entrepreneur. Find the best commercial properties in Abu Dhabi now!

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