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Record-breaking London

The capital city on River Thames has the biggest population in England and the UK. It is one of the world`s leaders in many spheres, such as commerce, fashion, R&D, media, etc. Moreover, it is a global financial centre and cultural capital, most-visited tourist destination and the world`s leading investment haven. The city`s population of almost 9 million people makes it second largest in the EU after Paris. In addition, it has the biggest airport system in the world by the number of carried passengers. Interestingly, it is the first city which has hosted the modern summer Olympic Games three times. And on top of that, the city boasts the oldest underground railway in the world.

Money-making London

London economy has shifted from manufacturing in the 19th century to knowledge-intensive industries. The city`s economic super-power generates approximately 20 percent of the UK GDP. Its largest industry is finance with more than 480 foreign banks. For instance, the London Stock Exchange is a global leader with 32 percent of all transactions in the world. The service sector employs over 3 million people. Unsurprisingly, top UK companies and about one-fifth of leading European companies have their headquarters here. The number of tech companies is growing too, especially in East London Tech City (Silicon Roundabout).

Futuristic London

With the demand being record-high, the most office space is concentrated in the city`s large commercial districts: Camden & Islington, Westminster, the City, Canary Wharf, Lambeth & Southwark. For instance, there are 8 million m2 of commercial areas in the City. Although the capital has the highest office space prices in the world, it offers a striking variety of options in top locations. Executive suites have become number one choice in recent years. Flexibility is the imperative of our time. Serviced offices in London offer it all: breath-taking views in the most prestigious business centres, all-inclusive prices, valuable networking opportunities, shared and thus cost-effective workspace for small teams, ultra-modern facilities and many more benefits.
If London development plan works out, it will become the best city in the world. Cutting-edge technologies, innovation, affordable commercial and residential properties, and environment-friendly business are the main priorities for the local government.

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