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Strategic position of Gothenburg

Gothenburg, with the population of almost 600, 000, is the second-largest city in Sweden. Notably, the Port of Gothenburg is the largest in Scandinavia and handles 30% of Swedish foreign trade. The city is strategically located between Oslo and Copenhagen. Shipping, trade, banking, tourism, and manufacturing (SKF, Ericsson, Volvo – the biggest employer in the city) have always been the pillars of the local economy. The city is now experiencing a construction boom – the population is growing, and new residential and commercial buildings will satisfy this demand in the near future.
This situation is favorable for business tenants as business centers and serviced office providers offer better facilities at lower prices. Moreover, the serviced office industry is booming in Sweden. This kind of business lease offers flexibility that many companies require.

Festivals in Gothenburg

The city hosts Scandinavia`s biggest festivals. Firstly, Gothenburg Culture Festival – a major cultural event that attracts 1.5 million visitors from the Nordic countries and all over the world. It offers a striking variety of activities to suit any taste: concerts, performance, carnivals, to name just a few. Secondly, the Gothenburg Film Festival, which welcomes more than 150 thousand film lovers. And finally, numerous music festivals, such as Way Out West and Metaltown, which take place in summer.

Innovations in Gothenburg

Unsurprisingly, the city is among top twenty most inventive in the world (rank 12) according to Forbes as innovation is supported on both state and local level here. For instance, the aim of Business Region Göteborg is to support favorable innovation climate in the city. It helps strengthen cooperation between businesses, universities, and public sector. Investments in human resources and R&D will benefit all sectors and make the city competitive in the global arena.
One of the projects that Business Region Gothenburg supports is Elmob. Its aim is to implement the idea of electric-powered and hybrid transport. Eventually, people will have access to quieter and more energy-efficient vehicles. Naturally, it will result in fewer cars and, respectively, cleaner environment.
In 2021, the city will turn 400. No doubt, by this time it will have grown and developed considerably, which makes it a perfect choice for business lease.

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