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Office rent in Helsinki

The location of the capital of Finland is excellent for tourists, entrepreneur, and investors. You can get here by bus, airplanes and even by ferries. It is the most southern point of the country, which is at the same time the most northern capital in the world. Helsinki has a unique charm that fills all spheres of life. Helsinki is the center of education, science, culture, business, and government. The unique feature of the city is that there are eight high-class universities and six techno-parks in a small central district. Admirers of art, architectural monuments, shopping lovers – everyone will find in Helsinki what they were looking for. Such many-sided city also has a diverse commercial real estate market. Both large companies and new entrepreneurs can find well-equipped and functional office spaces in business centers here, as well as on-demand meeting rooms, which will make their work a pleasure. View the best offers on our website!

City Economy

Finland is a small but very prosperous country with high social standards, stable economy and a beautiful nature. According to many authoritative periodicals, the Finnish capital – Helsinki, is considered one of the most attractive cities for life in the world because of political stability, the openness of the economy, highly developed infrastructure and reliability of telecommunications, as well as a high level of interaction between enterprises, scientific and technical centers and universities. Also, such factors as the rapid development of new technologies, the high educational level of the population, and the favourable business climate attract local and foreign enterprises to the capital.

Finland’s economy is based on private business, but the government controls some sectors of the economy. Every year, thousands of foreigners are looking to find a job in Helsinki or open their own company. The most promising directions include finance, information technology, healthcare, innovation, etc. Investing in commercial real estate, particularly in flexible workspaces -business centers and coworking spaces in Helsinki, can bring you high profits as well.

Commercial real estate in Helsinki

Offices have always played an important role in Finnish commercial property sphere. Rental practices in the office market are varied. Though most office centers have been built long ago, they are mostly well maintained and restored and are well suited to the needs of the occupiers. Everyone can choose something that is best for his business as there many interesting options in different locations.You can find offers of  private offices, meeting rooms, conference halls, coworking spaces and others on our modern and convenient search platform.

One of the most popular and most important areas in the real estate market is Central Business District of Helsinki. There are mostly offices of companies offering business consulting, financial and law services here. Business premises in Helsinki CBD will add gravitas to your business.