Rent Office Graz


 Industrial Graz

Graz on the river Mur is the second largest city in Austria and the heart of its south-east part. In addition, it is the center of Austria`s automotive industry with such companies as Magna Steyr. The capital of Styria also produces optical instruments, textiles, machinery, chemicals, food, etc.
As the city is developing, office vacancy level is decreasing. The design of new workspaces is often based on the concept of coworking. Firstly, small teams in business centers can work in close proximity with other professionals, which encourages them to share experience and best practices. Secondly, in serviced offices you do not need to buy office furniture, worry about the internet and other facilities because they are normally included in the rent price.  Businesses here are mainly small and medium size (SMS). Therefore, serviced office rent is a perfect solution for such companies due to its flexibility.

Academic Graz

There are 6 universities here with more than 50 thousand students, which is one fifth of the population. Interestingly, 8 Nobel prize laureates studied in the city`s educational institutions. The top three are Medical University, University of Technology, and University of Graz.  Notably, the latter is among the oldest in Europe. Nicola Tesla and Leopold Leopold von Sacher-Masoch are perhaps its most famous alumni. Without a doubt, companies benefit from the academic status of the city as there is a constant supply of qualified workforce.

Touristic Graz

Tourism is the biggest industry here. In 2003, the EU cultural ministers selected the city to be “Europe Capital of Culture 2003”. The program included concerts, exhibitions, and other cultural events. Therefore, it was a huge success with visitors. Unsurprisingly, it contributed to the city`s reputation of a must-visit destination. The scenic mountain Schlossberg in the heart of the city and the ruins of a XV-century fortress around it attract visitors from all over the world. The clock tower- the Uhrturm – is among the city`s most famous landmarks. Moreover, the Old Town with the main square Hauptplatz is Europe`s largest medieval historic center. The Landhaus, the Johanneum museum, the Kunsthaus are just a few of numerous fascinating buildings one must see in Graz.