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Commercial Real Estate in Vienna – Office and Coworking

Why rent commercial real estate in Vienna

The Austrian capital is famous for its history, a well-developed public transport system, including high-speed trains and underground, numerous cultural activities, high standards of living, well-kept streets, attractive architecture, as well as a mild climate. The location of the capital of Austria on the banks of the Danube, surrounded by the Vienna Forest, at the foot of the Alps also attracts many visitors annually.

One of the features of the commercial real estate market in Austria, and especially in Vienna, is a reasonably stable price level.  On our website, you can find a wide portfolio of Vienna’s finest commercial properties for rent: serviced and virtual offices, coworking spaces, meeting rooms on an hourly basis, workspaces in business centers, etc. We have collected the best offers in one place for your convenience!


Vienna consists of 23 areas, 9 of which are considered central. Of course, rental rates for commercial real estate in Vienna vary depending on the neighborhood. Naturally, the most attractive ones are in the center of Vienna. For instance, the Colmartmark market area has many top class leases, put the prices are high, too. The commercial real estate is in high demand here. Among other prestigious and popular with tenants and therefore quite expensive areas of the Austrian capital are the Alzerground, Heathing, and Debling. the further from the historic center of the city, the lower rental rates are.  However, on the European scale, Vienna commercial properties are less expensive than in Zurich, Prague, Warsaw, Amsterdam, and Paris. Somewhat more inexpensive than Vienna are Berlin and Budapest.

Offices and coworking spaces in Vienna

Without a doubt, serviced and shared offices are the most popular lease type in Vienna. They are ready to move in at any moment and often offer such great facilities as meeting rooms, parking, lounge areas, etc., which are already included in the price. many of them boast designer interiors, where everything is planned to contribute to the employees’ comfort. Companies of all sizes are now increasingly aware that the use of such business premises makes people who spend a lot of time here more relaxed, happy and productive.

Startups and entrepreneurs select coworking spaces with nice networking opportunities such as Rochuspark, Hub Vienna, Sektor 5, which offer the whole range of services necessary for business, and not only convenient workstations.

Perfect location and infrastructure

Vienna is located not only geographically in the center of Europe. For many international companies, it has a prominent position as the distribution and logistics center between East and West. This city has a reliable infrastructure, excellent transport services and strategically low-priced logistic facilities with modern multi-tier terminals.

If you want to be in the center of Austria`s business life, choose Vienna to set up your business and rent commercial spaces.