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Find the best commercial real estate for rent in Gothenburg 

Sweden is consistently among the 20 most developed countries in the world. Gothenburg is the second most populous city in Sweden and the eternal competitor of Stockholm. It is a metropolis with a unique charm.Here is a large and prestigious university, and many historical monuments. For half a million people there are five million tourists a year. But this city attracts not only tourists. Here are the headquarters of Volvo and Hasselblad AB, the Ase of Base group. Great inventions in industry, science, shipbuilding were made in this city. Favourable business environment contributes greatly  to the development of the Gothenburg commercial real estate market. You can find the latest offers of offices in business centers and other commercial properties for rent on our website!

The best features of Gothenburg

The historical center of the modern city is clearly defined by the boundaries of the former deep ditch now turned into a canal. Also in this area, you can find earthen ramparts – the remains of fortress walls. Gothenburg is attractive because, having turned into a modern city, it retained the atmosphere of the past. The city boasts beautiful sights as well as one of the oldest universities, an art gallery, one of the most beautiful botanic gardens in Europe, the largest amusement park in Scandinavia – Liseberg and the opera house.

Opened for innovations

Gothenburg is transforming and growing very intensively so here are many opportunities for doing business. The city offers support, such as free consultations, finances help and other programmes, to new entrepreneurs and international companies that want to develop and grow. The city implements various innovative projects, which in the long run can be exported or attract investments and new enterprises in the region. An interesting fact is that 22 percent of all Sweden’s investment in research and development goes to Gothenburg, so it is the most research-intense regions in Europe.

Benefits of renting in Gothenburg

The commercial lease market for Gothenburg property is divided into two categories; new properties under construction or recently completed, and existing older properties. Both are popular here. Entrepreneurs can find in Gothenburg excellent business centers that offer a large selection of office space, meeting rooms, coworking, conference halls, and private offices with access to the city’s infrastructure. It combines the activities of business centers, restaurants, music studios, cafes, conference centers, health clubs, and exhibition halls. Offices in Gothenburg are the ideal option for a company that wants to succeed in business through city’s high-quality service in an efficient environment. It’s an opportunity to grow through interaction and knowledge sharing, with excellent service and high flexibility.