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The popularity of the commercial property rent in Dublin

Dublin is the capital of Ireland and the center of civilization on the island. Most of the cities on the island are smaller, and Dublin is also not very large compared to the major European capitals but has everything necessary for comfortable living and developing your business successfully.

About one-third of Irish residents live and work in Dublin and the suburbs of this city, which forms a high rental demand in the capital. Especially popular are such commercial properties as serviced office as business activity is high here and there are many new entrepreneurs and startups every year. Dublin is a modern city, characterized by high purchasing power, and a well-developed commercial lease market. Without a doubt, Dublin is among the best cities for life and work.

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Business in Dublin

The Irish capital is very popular among tenants from all the world. Some of the top reasons of this are decent standard of working and living, an active economy development, high wages, lenient tax system, rental rates stability and others. Business people will definitely appreciate a wide range of commercial properties for rent available in Dublin. No matter what type of company you have, it is very important that your business premises are conveniently located, are easy to get to for your employees and have all the necessary facilities, such as parking, high speed internet, etc., to help your business develop.


Dublin is a great place for renting commercial real estate

Dublin is not only the capital but also the financial, economic and cultural center of Ireland. The city’s newest modern residential complexes and business centers are built annually here. And due to the active development of the construction industry, the commercial property rent market in Dublin is also increasing at a high pace. Retail spaces, warehouses, modern offices in business centers all welcome business tenants and help them achieve considerable business success.

The city’s economy is based on modern technology, tourism, finance, and education. Dublin rightfully deserves the title of the city of high tech. Financial services flourish here, most of the world’s companies have their branches in the Irish capital, and credit companies, banks, and other similar organizations bring significant revenues to the Dublin treasury.