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Commercial Real Estate For Rent in Hamburg

Why rent commercial real estate in Hamburg

When speaking about Hamburg in Germany, first of all, it’s worth mentioning the big port, canals and bridges, museums, and gardens. Thanks to many sights, the city is filled with tourists all year round. What is unusual here is the combination of historical and modern. Even in the city center, along with prominent buildings of old style architecture, there is a place for shopping malls and business offices that seamlesly fit into the city’s atmosphere. The headquarters of many world-famous trade firms, banks,insurance and economic organizations are there. A high number of new and well-established companies rent an office in Hamburg, using all the advantages of the city. If you need business premises in Hamburg, you can find many attractive options on our search platform.

The city of changes

The history of Hamburg is the history of a free port city. But today, most of the areas of port docks and former factories operate in a new format and are an essential part of the historical heritage and cultural life of the modern city. The demand for commercial real estate in the city center has always been undeniable, so the neighbourhood began to expand, allowing new spaces for administrative buildings and business centers. An excellent architectural solution was the creation of City North, which is becoming more and more popular in the business world. The developed transport system, represented with buses, subway, regional and electric trains, and ferries allows moving around the city quickly. 

The city of great opportunities

Hamburg is gradually turning into a magnet for foreign entrepreneurs. They can easily realize their potential in such industries as the IT industry, logistics, transportation, travel services and mass media. Establishing a firm in Germany is quite easy. If everything is well prepared, it can be done literally within one or two days during three or four meetings – with a lawyer, a banker, a notary, a tax consultant. Start-up entrepreneurs can receive advisory and financial support, such as the half-yearly rental money  for their necessary commercial properties provided by the Hamburg Business Entrepreneurship Association. In addition to the developed infrastructure and the comparatively low rental prices for offices, Hamburg’s advantage is local business ethics.

Offices for rent in Hamburg

A well-known fact is that the choice of location  and type of office space is crucial for successful business. Commercial real estate of Hamburg includes coworking spaces, design offices, shared workspaces, conference halls, and other types of spaces. The cost of business premises per square meter depends on the vicinity to the city center and the package of services. The fees for maintenance, heating, electricity, and cleaning may be paid separately or included in the price, which should be taken into account when calculating costs. It is worth mentioning that office space in business centers are fully furnished, and also provide reception services, meeting rooms, office equipment and have the flexible terms of the lease contract, including such advantages as short notice period. Therefore, commercial leases in business centers are becoming increasingly popular.