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Frankfurt – an international commerce and finance center

Frankfurt on Main is the real beauty of Germany. It is a city in which modernity coexists with centuries-old German history. Although Frankfurt is the largest and most modern center of business and finance, it is famous for its world-famous architectural monuments, museums, and galleries.

The city differs in the background from other German cities. Coworking spaces, as well as other commercial properties, are in high demand here as there many new international and foreign businesses launch in Frankfurt every month. The city looks like an American metropolis with giant skyscrapers in the center. Everyone who has an opportunity to rent workspaces in Frankfurt is proud of the fact that he works in the “financial capital of Europe.”

Great opportunities for commercial rentals  

Frankfurt has always been famous as the most important financial center of continental Europe, which was even more confirmed after the Brexit vote as nearly twenty banks have relocated here. According to the Association of Foreign Banks, as a result of Brexit, the number of jobs in Frankfurt will increase within the range of 3000-5000. Banking groups and financial corporations – Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, Nomura Holdings and Standard Chartered – have already chosen the city as the future headquarters.  In the first half of 2017, real estate contracts exceeded 2.8 billion euros, with only 2 billion euros in the second quarter. Among the main reasons for this is that Germany is a safe hub for global investors, which creates a high demand for commercial properties here. This demand fosters the construction industry, and overall, supports the economic growth of the region.

Office Space and other commercial properties in Frankfurt

The population of Frankfurt is multinational. As the majority of the German cities, Frankfurt is also inhabited by immigrants from Turkey, Korea, and other countries. The example is the local Jewish community which is ranked third in size after Berlin and Munich in Germany. In general, on the streets of Frankfurt, you can see many people of different ages from hundreds of countries speaking different languages. One can`t help noticing that many wear business clothes once again confirming the business style of the city. Currently, there are 155 foreign banks registered in Frankfurt, all the major banks in Germany have offices in the city. Leading financial institutions plan to move their headquarters from London to the city of Main. The Frankfurt real estate market offers business premises in the city center and the surroundings, for long-term of rentals and hourly, fully equipped with everything you need and empty, where you can arrange everything according to your taste. On our website, you will find offices, coworking spaces, conference rooms, virtual offices, meeting rooms and other premises that will suit your needs. Check the latest offers now!