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Why rent office space in Berlin?

Business is booming in the city. The capital's office space market is the second-largest in Germany. Naturally, high supply stimulates competition and improves the quality of office facilities that providers offer. For instance, in 2015, there were over 800,000 square meters of office space in Berlin, which was the city’s new record. The tenants are mostly companies representing the industry of services, IT and merchandising. In addition, start-ups rent about 10% of all offices. These companies require flexibility - short lease contract and ability to scale up or down quickly. Besides, shared offices offer the benefit of networking, which is often extremely valuable for new entrepreneurs.

Why do business in Berlin?

In 2016, the city boasted the highest economic growth. Moreover, it had the biggest increase in the number of employed people among German federal states. It is also in the vanguard of the whole nation in terms of GDP and employment rates growth.  Berlin is a multicultural place. It means there are specialists from all over the world here, who are attracted, among other things, by a lower cost of living compared to other German cities. Obviously, it fosters cultural and professional exchange.

Why spend time in Berlin?

Almost half of the city is made up of parks, areas for recreation, and woods. Furthermore, it has almost 60 square kilometers of lakes and rivers. Its waterways with 960 bridges are 180 km long. This inland water network is the largest in Europe. Therefore, it is a wonderful place for all those who like leisurely walks or boat trips. However, Berlin is famous for its clubbing, too. Around 50 thousand people party in the city every weekend. Sightseers can also find many attractions here: the Brandenburg Gate, the Berlin Wall and the Gendarmenmarkt, the Reichstag building, the TV Tower, the Bebelplatz and many other places that are definitely worth visiting.

Rent Office Space in Berlin