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Compact Bremen

The city on the Weser River is located in the smallest federal state in Germany (territorially). However, it is among the most populous. Many hotels are in the city center as well as the Bremen Exhibition and Conference Centre. It is a great event venue which can host up to 10 thousand people! An international airport is also only 10 minutes’ drive from the center. Despite its small territory, Bremen is one of the top business locations, and thousands of world-famous brands, corporations, and hi-tech firms have offices here (e.g., Airbus, and Mercedes-Benz). The idea of knowledge transfer and cross-fertilization is on the rise here. Unsurprisingly, industry leaders prefer office lease in shared offices, which create perfect conditions for this. The culture of networking is thriving in Germany, and many companies perceive the proximity to other businesses as a huge advantage.

Innovative Bremen

Innovative clusters are in the center of the city`s economic life. First, we should mention the Airport City with 500 businesses in aeronautic, IT, trade and logistic industries. Second, Bremen’s Technology Park, which may serve as a perfect example of the above-mentioned approach to business. Here, the interaction of innovative entrepreneurs, scientists, researchers produces impressive results for everyone.  And finally, the GVZ – a freight forwarding center, where more than 150 businesses work in a multi-benefit synergy. Bremen is the second largest port in Germany. It’s one of the national leaders in aeronautics, renewable energy (wind turbines), logistics and food industry (Milka, Jacobs, Beck’s, Nordsee, etc.)

Lucky Bremen

The Statue of Roland, which brings good luck to the inhabitants, has been the city symbol since 1404. Obviously, this magic works as Bremen boasts a high number of millionaires. Moreover, it attracts millions of visitors from all over the world with its unique landmarks: Space Centre (the largest in Europe), one-of-a-kind Rhododendron park, the Gothic Town Hall and many other. Apart from this, the city hosts the Freimarkt festival-fair (the oldest in Germany), held in the last two weeks in October.

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