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One-of-a-kind Zagreb

The capital city of Zagreb, which lies along the Sava river, is above the sea level at 122 m. Although its Austro-Hungarian architecture resembles such cities as Vienna, Prague, and Budapest, it has many unique features. Like many capitals all over the world, it is pleasant and bustling. Unsurprisingly, the number of visitors, who mainly come for a city-break, has increased dramatically in recent years.

Construction boom in Zagreb

The city is the economic center of the Balkans. Its economy is mainly based on the service sector, international trade, manufacturing of food and beverages, medication, textiles, electrical devices, etc. Zagreb`s GDP per capita (over 19 $ thousand) is almost twice higher than Croatian average.
Due to the construction boom in the city result, there is a lot of new office space for rent, for instance in the city`s business district in Heinzelova and Salsa streets and Vukovar Avenue. The cutting-edge office space solution is serviced office lease. Zagreb offers many great options for teams and companies of all sizes.

Interesting sights in Zagreb

Gornji grad and Donji grad (“upper” and “lower city” respectively) are two hearts of Croatia`s capital with a rich history and fascinating culture. One can find countless places worth visiting here. For instance, the Strossmayer’s walkway has become a favorite place for artists, performers and street food stalls. Many religious places and cathedrals, such as the Old Town Gate and St. Mark’s Church, attract visitors heavenly beauty.

Outdoor fun in Zagreb

There are two lakes here which are extremely popular with locals. Jarun Lake in the south is a favorite spot for windsurfing. In addition, people spend time in beach bars, which surround the place. Lake Bundek turns into an event venue, especially in summer, with concerts, festivals, and barbecues. In winter, Mount Medvednica, which is just a short ride from the city, attracts skiers and snowboarders. All year round, the biggest city park – Maksimir, dotted with small lakes, welcomes visitors who enjoy leisurely walks, outdoor meals, jogging, cycling or walking their dogs. The park is also the home to an 85-year old zoo. Interestingly, “Lenuci Horseshoe” projects aims to combine other parks and green areas in the city in one ensemble.

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