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Commercial space for rent in Kolkata – your best choice

Kolkata is a very diverse city where people from different social strata live, poverty and wealth are side by side here, and luxurious modern business complexes are in sharp contrast with the unsightly slums.

Today, the capital of West Bengal has many educational, administrative, scientific and financial institutions. Offices of trading and manufacturing companies of international importance are located here, as well as large-scale factories.

Besides, there are comfortable hotels with the proper level of service, as well as a high number of commercial properties for rent.  Depending on the type of your company, you may opt for serviced or virtual offices, coworking spaces, meeting or conference rooms on a daily basis, etc. Find the best commercial spaces for rent on our website now and enjoy our free service.

Economy of Kolkata

Kolkata is the most significant economic and financial center of all northeastern India. As in other large cities in India, information technologies in Kolkata have become very developed. A great number of industrial companies have their headquarters in the city, and many domestic and foreign entrepreneurs prefer commercial property for rent in Kolkata.

It is also a large banking and financial center, with the second largest stock exchange in the country. The city remains an important industrial center: the enterprises of such industries as steel, cement, machine-building (including electronics production), pharmaceutical, textile, and food are located here.  

Therefore, commercial spaces for rent in Kolkata are always in high demand, especially offices.

Transport and infrastructure

Kolkata has advanced transport system and is well connected by railways with other regions of the country. Kolkata subway has one line stretching from south to north along the Hugli River. Also, several lines are under construction and development. Interestingly, Kolkata is the only city in India with a network of tram lines.

Additionally, the Netaji International Airport Subhas Chandra Bosa in the Dum Dum city serves both international and local flights, approximately 17 kilometers from the center of Kolkata. The city is the largest seaport of eastern India, despite being 148 km away from the sea.

The best options of the commercial property for rent in Kolkata

Today, this vast metropolis has a reputation as a cultural, political, scientific and educational center of the state, which is of considerable interest to visitors from all over the world. Commercial real estate market here offers a great variety of options to satisfy virtually all business needs.

Our site will help you select exactly what you need for a long or short period. The best commercial spaces for rent in Kolkata are waiting for you in top city locations.