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Commercial real estate of your dream in Portland

Portland is a port city, a city of high tech and a city of attractive tourist destinations. Portland infrastructure, like the economy, is rapidly developing, which has a beneficial effect on the influx of the population and tourists. One more charm of this place is the high quality of life. As the city has offices of thousands of large companies engaged in high technology, the situation with unemployment is better than in other cities.

Not surprisingly, many people dream of living and working in such social developed,  green and clean city like Portland and so real estate in Portland, especially commercial is in high demand among the local companies and companies from other states and countries.


The city building with new commercial premises

The architecture of Portland makes an unforgettable impression, because of the combination of historical and modern buildings with beautifully well-kept parks and alleys, gardens, which are very numerous in the city. The definition of rigid urban boundaries, together with the measures taken to create economic development zones, led to the intensive development of the central part of the city, an increase in the number of construction of medium and high story buildings and the general development growth of the commercial lease in the center of Portland.


Portland infrastructure

Portland area offers transport services typical of all major US cities except the fact that the inhabitants of suburban areas receive a wide range of well-developed travel routes thanks to the urban policy of rational land and transit-oriented design within the boundaries of the city. So Portland rentals are in demand both in the center and the suburbs. A well-developed transport infrastructure, high-speed land metro connects all areas of Portland.

10 miles from the city center the international airport PDX is located. Foreigners and visitors from other US cities can quickly reach the city center in 40 minutes.

An essential form of transport in Portland is cycling as city bicycle traffic is highly supported. Undoubtedly, to rent a car is the most convenient way to move for business people, and it is easy due to a large number of rental companies.


Why are commercial properties in Portland so attractive?

A significant increase in population, city development, and high standards of living – all this makes commercial real estate in Portland more and more popular. A significant factor for tenants is that commercial real estate  in Portland are considered rather cheap compared to other states. Average office rent is 25,46 $ per square foot; warehouse rent is lower – 5,78$ per square foot.

Even though the demand for commercial real estate in Portland is high, we will help you to find the exact object you need. Coworking or conference room, private office or warehouse, virtual office or store – all of the best quality and in a great location.