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Have you ever met a cozier and more fairytale-looking place on the Earth? It will be hard to find a city which would be richer in its history because Prague was the arena of a vast number of era-making events. It’s atmosphere absorbed the influence of Gothic, Baroque, and Renaissance culture characteristics. The capital of Bohemia and the seat of Emperors of the Romans Prague became Europe’s pearl. It performs the center of intellectual, political, and business life of EU. As the capital of the Czech Republic, the metropolis has a friendly environment for startups and entrepreneurs who want to perform their business in the European country. It willingly opens its gates for investments and foreign enterprises providing supportive immigration program and respecting personal freedoms. Moreover, it’s a part of the modern technology world which means that you will find all the needed facilities in the business centers Prague offers.


Entrepreneurship opportunities

There are several reasons why you should pay attention to business centers in Prague. First of all, after communism collapsed, the city started rapidly getting to life and developing new ways to go with the times. Nowadays, you will find that it operates with a huge base of a talented workforce: hundreds of technical engineers, financial and bank professionals, and well-skilled economists. And these people represent not only a local community but also foreigners who came here attracted by the appropriate tax policy, brilliant living conditions, and business opportunities.

The metropolis is proud of its perfect location: it covers the center of Europe. And it’s a real finding for an entrepreneur, especially, if you don’t want to limit your business with the borders of one country.  Just in four hours, you may get to Dresden, and you need only 2 to reach for Vienna. Your partners won’t find any inconvenience in getting to one of the business centers. Prague and other European cities perform a reliable and smooth transport connection which makes a journey a comfortable and quick process. And we don’t even speak about low-cost flights to Madrid, Paris, Stockholm, Kyiv, and other places. You can reach some of them in less than two hours, and the tickets price often doesn’t cross the 100 EUR budget limit.


Business centers in Prague may become a perfect choice for small startups because this niche is rather wide and there are not many competitors here. You will mostly meet technological giants here like Microsoft, Seznam or Skype working on software development. But there’s a lack of small companies which have a deal with innovative products. So, you may be not only a progressive technological sphere fresher here but also grab the most talented programmers and engineers.

It’s one of the richest cities in the Globe. If you want to take a rest from your business, visit the Castle, walk down the Old Town Square, look at the astronomical clock, cross the Charles Bridge. And even more attractions are waiting for you in this picturesque place. Colorful roofs, outstanding architecture, whispering of the Vltava river, numerous restaurants, and pubs are there to accompany you!