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Beverly Hills commercial real estate as a sign of success

A small but well-known city, Beverly Hills is a place of a dream for many people. Wealth and luxury are the main features of Beverly Hills. Renting commercial real estate here, especially in the area of ​​the “Golden Triangle” means to confirm one’s high status, business success and the ambitions to achieve even more.

Though the cost of living in Beverly Hills is 308% higher than the national average and the commercial premises prices are the highest in the Los Angeles Area, the megapolis attracts more and more business tenants every year. Beverly Hills commercial and residential  property are a good investment for world-famous celebrities, skilled professionals, numerous fans and simply seekers of a better life.



As an essential center of modern global mass media, culture, entertainment, technology, education, fashion, science, medicine, sports, and research, Beverly Hills is a widely known town of the Los Angeles Area, though not a large one. One of the main sectors of the city’s economy is commercial and residential real estate. Although the property here is expensive, it has always been in high demand. A significant number of people are employed in the field of real estate brokerage and many want to pursue this career. One more component of the economy of this region is tourism as an incredible number of tourists every year come to Beverly Hills to admire this luxury lifestyle and charming streets.



When choosing Beverly Hills commercial properties for lease, a lot of factors should be taken into account. One of them is how to move around.

Beverly Hills is the city in city, as Los Angeles areas and the Hollywood surrounds it from all sides. That’s why the Beverly Hills’ infrastructure is the part of Los Angeles infrastructure. Although the subway does not reach here, the ground transport system is well developed. Public transport has many routes and makes getting to all points very convenient. It’s well-known that Beverly Hills is a city of cars, so the most convenient way to get around is to take a taxi, use Uber service or to rent a car.


The best areas for lease

Commercial properties for lease in Beverly Hills can be found all over the city. The most desirable area is Downtown, which is visible from afar.

Downtown is the financial center of Beverly Hills where offices of large companies and banks, and business centers are located. It seems that all the skyscrapers of the city are gathered in one place, attracting business people with their comfort and advanced services. Beverly Hills streets are perfectly clean and orderly – lush greenery, cozy squares, no advertising.

No matter where you choose commercial leases here, it will benefit your company and help add to the positive image of your company. Private offices or co-working spaces, virtual offices, meeting rooms,executive suites and many more -view the best offers on our site!