Commercial Real Estate in Singapore

Why rent commercial real estate in Singapore

Singapore is a prosperous Asian metropolis and home to approximately 6 million people. This urban area leaves you open-mouthed due to its amazing combination of the ancient and modern architecture. The skyscrapers and neon signs are bordering the palaces, museums and theatres built a few centuries ago.  Singapore is considered to be the city with a huge investment potential. Currently, it is the hub for commerce, education, business, technology, and tourism. Once known as the city that has no prospects, nowadays it is the place with a strong global influence. Commercial spaces for rent Singapore are of a great interest for the entrepreneurs from all over the world. Our site features numerous offers to satisfy all business needs. If you are interested in workspace lease in business centers, coworking spaces, or such options as virtual offices or meeting rooms, they are all gathered in one place for your quick search.

Top locations

The most attractive commercial space for rent in Singapore can be found in its Financial District. It is definitely an architectural landmark of modern Singapore, the symbol of its economic power and prosperity. The Financial District is known for its unusual and modernistic buildings that provide commercial spaces for various companies. This borough has limited space for new construction, so high-rise buildings and skyscrapers are everywhere. The headquarters of national and international companies, banks, malls, upscale restaurants, and bars are all over the neighborhood. Irrespective of the fact that commercial rent prices in this district are high, you will receive all the required facilities and excellent transport connection. Many serviced offices in business centers here include a wide range of additional services, such as parking, reception, cleaning, etc., to make your tenancy as pleasant as possible.


Singapore has one international airport that was has been acknowledged the best globally for five times already.  It is not surprising as it is continuously being improved to cater to thousands of passengers even better.

The public transport in Singapore is known as the most comfortable and easy-to-use. It is represented by metro, buses, trolleybuses, and monorail. The public transport is rather popular and carries approximately 50% of the citizens on an everyday basis. If you are planning to use your own or a rented car, you should be aware that in Singapore there is left-hand traffic, and you will have to pay for the entrance into the central part of the metropolis. All the commercial premises and office buildings have their own parking areas, which is quite handy.

Office and coworking spaces in Singapore

According to economists, Singapore provides excellent opportunities for a successful business. This metropolis has good financial infrastructure, political stability and a beneficial geographic location. Due to all these facts, Singapore can be considered as one of the main business and trade hubs. It has convenient taxation system for foreign investments. Business in Singapore is in the first instance represented by the transport and warehouse services that are related to the recycling and re-exportation of goods. Also, it is quite profitable to have a tourist agency here.You will spend only a few hours to register your company in Singapore.  The best option for leasing business premises in Singapore would be serviced offices or coworking spaces, especially if you are a small or medium team.