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A unique style of the Commercial real estate in Shanghai

Foreigners visiting Shanghai know that they will see everything there, but not classical China. Indeed, the city is a different world than in the rest of the country. Here people look not into the past, but in the future. Like many other regions of China, Shanghai is experiencing a construction boom. The modern architecture of Shanghai has a unique style – namely, the upper floors of high-rise buildings are occupied by restaurants that look like flying saucers.

Most of the buildings in Shanghai are multi-story, which are different in size, color, design. Responsible for city infrastructure planning organizations focus on creating green spaces and parks to improve the quality of life of the Shanghai. They also paid particular attention to commercial real estate designing them in the most convenient areas of the city.

Your best office location in Shanghai

Choosing an office in Shanghai is a matter of great responsibility and importance. It is recommended to consider rental offers in business centers, as they offer the best conditions for operation and accommodation of the office. Rental offers also come from the owners of private apartments and individual buildings. It is best to choose office space in the central district of the city, where financial institutions and offices of international companies are located, and the flow of visitors is merely incredible. Not bad are also business centers in the western part of the city, as they are located near the center and essential for business objects.

For comfortable movement around the city and to other countries, the transport system is well developed. There are two airports in Shanghai: the modern international Puduntsichan by the sea, on the east, and the oldest Hong Otzi-chan airport in the west, close to the city – for flights within the country. Buses connect airports with the city and together with the subway system make it easy to get through the city. Besides, comfortable trains go to all provincial centers and Beijing.

A wide range of office rental in Shanghai

There is a vast number of premises in Shanghai that are represented by different classes. Class A buildings are new and modern, the level of comfort and presentation is the highest. Such business centers are located in the center and the most prestigious areas, though the office spaces are rather expensive here. The luxury real estate is very popular here. Class B is a business center, which is only slightly inferior to Class A, but the cost of renting can be lower several times. Class B office space is well-equipped and ideal for rent by high brand companies.

Most class C and Class D business centers are in areas severely distant from the center of Shanghai. The offices’ premises are usually old and not very attractive, but the rental payment is much more affordable. These are typically old administrative buildings or scientific institutes converted to offices with a minimal set of amenities and the lowest level of comfort. Such economy-variant could be the best option for those companies, which are only beginning their activities and are forced to save on rent.