Commercial Real Estate for Rent in Stockholm – Office and Coworking

Why rent commercial real estate in Stockholm?

Stockholm, the Swedish capital, is not only the largest Scandinavian city but also the most exciting. It’s the city that stands at the junction of times – the old interlaces with modernity. Its centuries-old alleys and squares are scattered across the archipelago of fourteen islands, on which the city was built. A vast range of modern business centers with serviced office space attracts many domestic and foreign business tenants. Though the cost of living in Sweden is high, the rent prices are lower than in the UK and many European capitals, so it is easy to find commercial real estate in a good area of Stockholm at a reasonably affordable price.

The economic and cultural center of Sweden

The Swedish capital is a significant economic and cultural center of the country,  where the state authorities are located: the main residence of the Swedish king and the government.  The Swedish economy is characterized by a high concentration of production facilities and capital. Sweden’s share in world trade exceeds 2%. The monopolization of the economy is very high in Sweden.

Stockholm is a significant financial center, with the headquarters and offices of the largest Scandinavian banks, namely Swedbank, Handelsbanken. There are also offices of such famous insurance companies as Skandia and Trygg-Hansa, H & M. The well-known Stockholm Stock Exchange (Stockholmsbörsen) is the business card of the Swedish capital.

Offices and coworking spaces in Stockholm

Not surprisingly, the Swedish capital is among the top five cities for living and doing business. Stockholm has a vast office rental market. Interestingly, more than 21% of the total office spaces here belong to coworking operators. Coworking has become an essential part of Stockholm’s business life. Who can benefit from this format of business premises? Virtually all types of companies, as now we can observe the merge between serviced offices and coworking, which means many providers offer premises to cater to all needs. Tenants can enjoy shared facilities as well as extra services, for which they do not have to pay.